TEARS… The mere sight of them or the mere mention of them makes men develop cold feet!! What is it with men and tears? They can neither handle them nor shed them; for tears is considered to be a sign of weakness in most cultures and men crying tears are just not macho or ‘manly’, not to forget the fear of being tagged ‘sissy’ – thanks to their socialization.

Tears are so versatile!! They surface when we feel overwhelmed or experience a heightened sense of happiness or joy; they help alleviate pain when our heart aches with sorrow/pain/hurt; they help take care of our heart and lower our blood pressure when our anger/frustrations burst out in form of tears; they grant solace when we feel helpless by providing a catharsis.

But somehow the tears have not been given the honour they deserve in the exhibition of emotions. In my view, tears are the most pure form of emotion- genuine (mostly) and spontaneous and so liberating. (Though there is a breed which has mastered the art of ‘crocodile tears’ and their hydraulic system really works as per their whims and fancies!! That itself is an art but more on that later) Although, I believe they should be used sparsely in public/workplace and also with people who have no respect for your feelings/emotions or have the astuteness to understand/appreciate your situations in life. I am also not too appreciative of those who shed tears to get their way around.

On a lighter note dealing with tears can help men get a grip on the handle and tackle issues such as – what to do when wife/girlfriend cries and thereby gets her way around; what to do when their Mom cries and uses it as a powerful tool to get HER way around, etc (any more ideas somebody? Since I could not use this tool to its full potential I am falling short of ideas!! In 10 years of my married life I could never used this tool ever with hubby to get around things my way!!!! Makes me feel like a loser now!!)

Understand the dynamics of tears…feel it…experience it… liberate your self…feel healed.

Guys you really don’t know what you are missing out on

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2 Responses to Tears

  1. shaloo says:

    hi.. so true.. !! tears r d purest form of emotions… supporting us.. in pain .. in joys.. in anger..
    (BTW…!! ur post reminded me of rajesh khanna-“I HATE TEARS PUSPA..!!”)

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